We would like to have an alert message box popup if a user enters more than 8 hours into their timesheet. This will prevent mistakes during time entry and notify a user than manager approval is needed before they may enter more than 8 hours for a day. This is needed because we have a mostly contractor staff, and need to be sure costs are being controlled so that we may operate within our budget.


  • This would be a great 'Delighter plus essential" feature to have as it'd avoid overhead costs in exporting the data and trying to analyze it. It'd also help if the user can get some indication that they are entering more than 8 hours for any of the day while filling their timesheet in VersionOne.
    This could be a rule that can be turned on/off during setup to restrict for any specified duration. Something like Outlook vacation notification setup layout.

  • Good thing about this change is that it is an option (toggle switch) based. It's a simple ability for the administrator to configure the limit for notification popup. So, it should be an easy one to implement with basic design.

    I would write the user story from two different perspectives as:
    As the VersionOne user, I can get a "notification popup" when I enter more than 8 hours on a day, so that I can decide if I need to correct my hours reporting or provide relevant reason in the "notification popup."

    From administrator perspective, it'd be:
    As VersionOne administrator, I can set a hour-threshold (limit on "the maximum # of hours per day") for a date range, so that I can get valid reasons reported by the users reporting more than the threshold hours set for any day(s).

    This is an easy story to address compared to the other ones I see here in ideaspace - allow filters on any field, save views, etc.

  • A must-have feature. It can save long processing of reports and analysis. Follow-ups currently take one to two weeks while this can quickly get the report and make the comments available for time-sheet approval.

  • Agree that some simple notifications on Tracking time and Timesheet entries would improve the effectiveness of time entry.