As a manager I would like to be able to see my cycle time trend over time to make changes in throughput visible. Ideally I would be able to see current average cycle time, and then cycle time trended over the course of a selectable date range. I could then use this measurement to surface issues in throughput and understand if I have planning issues, capacity issues, or even technical debt issues.


  • We really need a selectable date range. I often want to know the Cycle Time for the previous release or sprint. It's very difficult on a Kanban team to show up to a retro without knowing this data. If I want to look at the outliers, I can't look up a story and EASILY tell what day it started the cycle and what day it ended.

  • I'm using the "Workitem Cycle Time" report under "Analytics...Team" which seems to give me the trend over time. But I either need to be able to selectively remove outliers or we need to change the query to only use the most recent time an item entered the "start" state, rather than the first time. Can we add an "Exclude" option under the selection criteria?