This is something we noticed during our SAFe Program Increment Planning event. We had the scrum master from each team talk to the team about capacity and determine the target for load before the PI Planning event. The SM then entered that value in the Target field on the Sprint Scheduling screen. However, only the SM was able to see this value – other users saw the default value set for the team. There are a few cases/ways in which this is not supporting SAFe:

• If someone other than the SM is presenting their screen during Planning (e.g. the PO), the target value is not available
o Some teams were switching off presenting, so they needed to all copy this value in to make it work
o In some cases, the SM logged into V1 as themselves on someone else’s laptop to resolve this, which obviously is an issue as far as audit trail
 E.g. the V1 activity log showed the SM for a team updated a story to 0 points, and when asked why it was 0 points the SM had no idea what we were talking about – because someone else did it (by mistake) while logged in as the SM
• If the RTE wants to check progress during the breakouts, there is no way to know the team’s targets
• The target is owned by the whole team, so having it set for a single user doesn’t make any sense


  • The value for 'Load' in Sprint Scheduling needs to be viewable by others otherwise it seems, well, pointless.

  • This is confusing for the team and the projects in PI planning, and makes sense to persist the target velocity for all users. Need this!

  • I think it would be a good enhancement.

  • Valuable for team and for stakeholders as well

  • Totally agree. Please update in next release

  • As a scrum master I want the sprint target that is set in the Sprint Scheduling view to be saved to the sprint details to be seen by all team members so that the team is all on the same page during planning and can see the history of planning targets from past sprints.
    For some reason it appears that the target field in the sprint scheduling view does not update the Target Estimate Pts field in the sprint details. When a team member sets the target in the view and another team member looks at the same view from their account they cannot see the target that was set.

  • Show Team level target estimate (green diamond) on the Velocity Trend reports (also in Sprint Scorecard) what is set and seen on the Sprint Scheduling page.