The backlog pane in the team room has a handy feature that will show a "cut line" for future sprints based on a team's velocity. This cut line does not seem to be aware however of items already added to the future sprint. This is misleading, it would be better to have the cut line based on what was already pre-populated in that future sprint. Example; assume a team's velocity is 100; Sprint 10 is active and has 100 points in it. Sprint 11 is marked as a future sprint and already has 100 points pre-populated in it. The backlog pane currently shows 100 points of potential items the user can add to sprint 11; if added would make sprint 11 now have 200 points in it.


  • I second this, when using a Kanban team room the backlog pane logic seems to work a bit "better" but in a Sprint team room, nothing is really taken into consideration. 100% agree with the thought Tom has above.