With the Spring 17.1 release, teams can now create their own custom storyboard status values. To make this better, the transition rules, such as Quick Close, Sign me up, etc should be something that can be defined with each team's process. We found even if we asked every team to use "Accepted" as their only allowed "Completed" category status, Quick Close does not recognized the Accepted choice for any team with team process initialized. It seems that once team process is enabled, those teams can no longer use any transition rules even if the wording matches the dropdown list of available Backlog Item Status choices in the Transitions screen. The same also happens for the transition rule that puts a backlog item into some form of progress status once the first task is moved.


  • As of the Winter 2018 release, you can define transitions at the team-level, using the Team-defined statuses.

    Thanks again to all of you for voting. I hope you enjoy this new feature.