Building on another idea for 'User Story Mapping' (555), we have repeatedly found that we are taking stories we have created in VersionOne, printing them out as story cards, and then arranging them visually, using blu-tac on a wall or placing them flat on a table.

Sometimes this has been along the lines of the user story mapping (or other linear progression), but often it has been as a mind-map or affinity grouping for size, value, or other thematic grouping.

It would be really good to have a flexible whiteboard tool that enables us to:
1) choose whether to base the cards on Epics, Features, Stories, etc.
2) arrange and re-arrange them in any order that visually makes sense
3) enclose sets of cards with a shape (whether regular shape, hand-drawn, whatever)
4) give a title/name/value to those sets
5) commit the title/name/value as an update to a specific field on the corresponding
6) save that configuration so that it can be returned to later
7) export that configuration as a PDF, PNG, etc. etc.

This would become even more powerful if the backlog group became a more flexible tagging tool (as has been proposed multiple times).


  • As an MVP, this could work with just:
    1) cards represent stories
    2) arrange in grid positions (rather than anywhere)
    3) group in rectangles (rather than any shape)
    4) free text for the set value (title)
    5) associate a (Story) single field with the layout, and update stories in all groups with a set value
    6) don't offer a save feature (discard on exit)
    7) don't offer an export feature (we can screen print for now)

  • If integration with a third party vendor is possible,