Need the ability to select a 'Team Room' (and therefore all members part of that Team Room) as an alternative to having to searching for and selecting individuals when using the conversation feature on backlog/stories.

We're finding that our 300+ VersionOne users are going outside of VersionOne to communicate to that same team - it's totally inefficient. Using Member Groups requires a higher privilege/role than most of our scrum masters currently have, thus this request. This would be a huge VersionOne win with our users.


  • Ideally, Member Groups would be a simple way to include an entire team or teams in a story conversation. Is this doable? We really need something!

  • This capability would greatly enhance Conversations - and keep discussion threads within the tool, and associated with assets.

  • Invaluable tool that would not exclude any team member insuring full communication

  • I agree - there needs to be some mechanism, such as Member Group. Ideally, you could nest a member group within a member group.

  • Member group or team are reasonable level of granularity. Or add a subscription type called conversations and allow team members to choose to subscribe to all conversations with notification filtered by project (including children), owner, team and work item type (Epic, Story, etc).

  • Would like to see this change.

  • This would make it MUCH easier to use the Conversations feature.

  • It would be great

  • I think it will be very helpfull

  • Not sure but I think this can easily be accomplished simple by starting the conversation from the team room where everyone can see it. Am I missing something?

  • This is helpful, but it would be ideal to have an email sent to all team members so they don't miss it in the Team Room.

  • I think it is a great idea and it would be very helpful.