As a Product Owner, I want to be able to conduct sprint planning while focusing only on the stories which are associated with epics which are currently in progress so that we can remain focused on the top priorities and close out more epics.

For example, I'd like to only see stories which are in epics which have the status of either "Ready for Sprint" or "In Progress". This will help my team focus on finishing an epic before we move on to pulling in another one.

The Backlog filter selector currently allows the user to filter by Epic, but you need to specify these by name. So I want to only see backlog entries which are associated with epics which are in a certain state ("Ready for Sprint" or "In Progress"). I could manually pick the dozen epics that I want to see, but the next time I visit this page, I would have to manually revisit the status of all of those epics and remove and add some to the list in order to see just the backlog stories that I'm interested in seeing. I would love to have a filter category named something like "Epic Status" and then an associated drop-down where I could pick the statuses that I'm interested in filtering on.