Ability to add free form tags to Features, Epics, Stories and Defects and being able to search using that would help Business Stakeholders and teams. It could help search and collate stories across different epics and relate them with each other and be powerful in being able to customizing it as needed.


  • Just a thought. Maybe it would be better to check whether anyone else has already submitted this idea (several people have) and lend your weight to those by up-voting them. It is easier for VersionOne to ignore a hundred ideas with little support than one strong idea with over a hundred votes. In spite of that grumble, I am still up-voting your idea too. :)

  • Aparna, thank you for your idea. This kind of feedback is very important and guides our decisions when evaluating new features. I agree with you regarding the need to use free form tags. We are currently looking into that feature and I will give you another update, once we start the implementation.

    David, I can assure you that we are reading these ideas carefully to ensure that we add up the votes for similar ideas and that the tagging idea is very high on our priority. Thank you for your feedback, please keep it coming.

  • Tagging was introduced in the Fall 17.3 release, here is a link to the tagging intro on the community site. Searching included :) https://community.versionone.com/VersionOne-Lifecycle/Product_Planner/Planning/Backlog_Page_Basics/Using_Tags#section_3