As a product owner I want stories that are generated from my templates to be generated to the bottom of my backlog instead of randomly inserted into the middle of my backlog so that I can easily find the new stories in the backlog for prioritization.

I understand that creating a story from a template is treated like copying a story form the backlog in the sense that it uses the index order of the template as the index order for the new story. But this causes a problem when new backlog stories are created such that the template index is somewhere in the middle of the indexes for all other stories in the backlog. When a new story is generated from the template then the new story is generated somewhere in the middle of the backlog and is not easily found. Using filters to find the newly generated story doesn’t work either because then I cannot properly drag/drop reorder the backlog with a filter turned on. Therefore I would like the generate story from template functionality to be updated so that no matter the index of the template itself, the new stories generated from a template always start at the bottom of the backlog.


  • I do agree with Jason that the generated backlog item should be the newest one added to the backlog. However, fwiw, if you have just generated the story from a template, like all other recent changes, you can find it on the Asset Tray that shows the Recent Changes.

  • This is the same idea -

    Not sure if there is a way for V1 to consolidate these?