It would be nice to be able to define some custom transition between the various board views. For example, if I'm on the taskboard and I move my first task to "In Progress" it would be nice for the corresponding story/defect to automatically have its Storyboard state to also change to "In Progress".

More Examples:
When all of my tasks have be moved to "Completed" on the taskboard the storyboard should show that story as "Completed". When all of my test have Passed on the testboard then my storyboard would show "Accepted"


  • Hmmm, sounds like a no brainer! Are there any downsides to this?

  • As a VersionOne Product Owner I would like the status on the Backlog Item or Defect to automatically go to “In Progress” whenever one or more tasks go to the In Progress status so that I don’t have to remember to go and manually update the status on all backlog items in the sprint.