During sprint planning my teams plan out their tasks and map them to the days in the sprint they plan to close them (as well as the stories themselves). This enables them to see when they close out a task how it will affect the other team members' ability to do their tasks, and based on that determine if the sprint plan and/or sprint commitment is realistic. Currently we do this with physical sticky notes on butcher paper, however we use the V1 taskboard during daily scrums so the sprint map is only really useful for the initial planning exercise. It's essentially a roadmap for a specific iteration. If V1 had the ability to create a calendar where we could place our V1 stories, tasks defects, etc. we could create the plan directly in V1 and revisit it throughout the sprint to see where our tasks are starting to slip (and drag and drop items to adapt our plan).


  • Yes, a gantt chart sort of view would be helpful to see when stories and tasks might be complete and dependencies.