I really like the "Quick Close" functionality, but there is one scenario where it trips me up. For our stories and tasks, we have a "Cut" status that we use when the story/task wasn't completed and we want to retain the fact that it wasn't done. Our "Cut" status for stories (backlog items) is in the "Completed" Rollup Category.

We'd really like to be able to configure the "Quick Close Transitions" for stories and tasks to be "Existing Value (Completed Rollup Category)" so that when a story/task in the "Cut" status is "Quick Closed", it remains in the "Cut" status once it is closed. Today, a story/task that is "Quick Closed" will be moved to the "Done" status. That's the behavior that we want for the vast majority of our stories, but we'd like to have different behavior for our "Cut" stories.