The flexibility and power of VersionOne are fantastic; however, when it comes to governance gates we need a static snapshot of the state of things at one point in time, so that subsequently we can confirm compliance.

I would suggest that we are able to identify which entities in VersionOne are included, to what level of granularity, and in which project tree branches. In that way, we could (for example) take a snapshot of the the state of all Epics, Risks and Issues, and completion progress within a specified project tree branch -- while choosing to exclude all Stories, Tasks, Requests, Defects, etc. etc.


  • We have had to work around the lack of this by exporting various grid views at key milestones in our project's lifecycle. Very inconvenient.

  • Yes, we are taking literal snapshots ... screen grabs ... which still works for governance as it is then fixed at that point in time, but pretty basic.