Currently I'm only able to group our portfolio roadmap by Budget, Business Line, Priority, Source, Status, Strategic Theme and Type.

What I really need is the ability to group by Project and/or Team.


  • It would also be helpful to group by portfolio item please!

  • I agree with Nicole that it would be create to have a group by Portfolio Item (Epic). Thanks.

  • Like others here, I also need to be able to group by Portfolio Item (Epic). Thanks!

  • Agree - grouping by Portfolio Item (Epic) would be very helpful. Thanks!

  • multi select items in the dropdowns.

  • group by Epic in the Roadmap view

  • Yes. almost all default fields should show up as being options

  • This would be really helpful for us.

  • The grouping by portfolio item is the primary one I am looking for. This would be a variation on portfolio type. Basically I would want to see the grouping around the top level items (Epics). In our case we have created even a higher level called initiatives. So, I could group by the initiatives or group be the epics, that would be best.

  • We'd like to group by Portfolio Item Team.

  • My organization would like to group by Portfolio Item Team.

  • Todd, Andre,
    When you say Portfolio item team, is that the "Target Team" field?

  • Hi Brandon - Yes it is the "Target Team" field. However in the Roadmap filters it is labeled as "Portfolio Item Team".

  • Group by Parent portfolio item would be key.