The scorecard offers a tremendous amount of value, however adoption is limited to only the power users of V1 ALM.

I recommend taking the same Publishing functionality from the Roadmaps capability and hooking it into the Scorecard capability which would give me the option of displaying on big screen TVs at each office without having to use my own personal login/license. It would also help drive further adoption of VersionOne with our executive staff being able to easily see the value in the scorecard KPIs without having to login and navigate.


  • Seth - you mention this being like Roadmaps so I want to be clear on the extent. Roadmap publishing is a controlled release model that requires someone to periodically publish each update when the content is ready for consumption and viewers always see the most recently published version. Are you suggesting this same controlled release model for Scorecards or an approach where a live view of the current data is always available?

  • Hi Mark - an approach where a live view of the current data is always available would be better than having to publish each individual scorecard.

    Thanks for asking!