Hi, although I would like to think all my users should get an equal vote, the truth is some users votes should be considered more important than others. For example, some users come from big, important accounts, some are really very knowledgeable and provide great ideas, whereas others users may not even fully realize how the product itself works.

Much how forums work where the posters get high marks for answering questions, I would like to allow for both:
1. community promotion - when a user submits a lot of ideas others agree with, they get so many stars. Their votes count more (privately to me) than others then.

2. I have the ability to add on say a 10 factor to my VIP users. when they vote one time, it counts for 10.

I don't need these fudge factors to be shown externally but would be good to have another metric viewable form the V1 side only, to allow me to better decide what to work on.