The sprint schedule box on the left-hand side of the new sprint scheduling page takes a lot of screen real estate. It would be nice if it were collapsible.


  • Completely agree! Seeing sprints that are in some cases months out from my current scheduling plan is not helpful. Would prefer to use that real estate for additional backlog columns.

  • Hope this is still coming in the future.

    In the mean time one of our developers wrote this javascript that will toggle hiding the pane. I just have it as a bookmark on my toolbar.

    javascript: (function () {var sp = document.getElementById("side-panel");var hidden = == "hidden";if (hidden) { = "visible";document.getElementById("sprint-panel").style.marginLeft="400px";document.getElementById("backlog-panel").style.marginLeft="400px";} else { = "hidden";document.getElementById("sprint-panel").style.marginLeft="10px";document.getElementById("backlog-panel").style.marginLeft="10px";}})();

  • Please change.