As a Product Owner I want to use the Dependency Status column in the backlog to quickly see if dependencies exist and what their status is so that I do not need to have both the Upstream and Downstream dependency columns visible taking up valuable screen space.

Currently the column only shows an icon if there is a Satisfied, Broken, or Warning dependency. If there is a dependency in a neutral status to the story in question then no icon is currently shown and therefore I don’t know if there is a dependency or not. This forces me to also display the upstream and downstream dependency columns.

Suggestion would be to add a new icon for the existence of a dependency in a neutral status OR to simply consider neutral dependencies as satisfied until they either become a Warning or Broken.


  • As a ScrumMaster, I find the idea posted above very beneficial.

    I would also suggest to include the ability the show a "Dependency Status" icon on story cards in the Storyboard, so the Team can quickly visualize constraints during the Sprint. Not sure if this idea should be posted separately, but I found it's closely related to the title above.

  • I agree with putting the icon on the story cards, and showing that there is a dependency whether it is satisfied, stuck, or just exists.

  • My vote for the icon on the story cards.