When creating a new backlog item, we have to save the backlog before we can add attachments, links, and other relationships items(task, tests, dependencies, etc).

Current process of adding attachment, links, relationships to backlog:
1. Create backlog and save backlog
2. Click on "Edit" backlog in backlog grid
3. Add attachment, links, relationships
4. Save

Propose feature/process

1. Create new backlog with attachment, links, relationship enabled in the backlog screen
2. Add attachment, links, relationships
3. Save

We should have the capability to create a new backlog item and add links, attachments, and relationships without having to save the backlog first.


  • Have a nice day. :)

  • When you initially create the BLI, why don't you hit save and view? That would keep you from going to the backlog and having to click edit. I would think this would solve your issue, unless I am missing something.

  • I think this would be great. Sometimes I'm just jotting tasks down in the description. The reason I don't want to click Save and View is because of speed - if I'm adding a bunch of backlog items I want just keep going at full speed.

  • It would be good to have the same option when adding a task or a test to backlog item. I suppose that for a defect as well for those who handle defect in V1

  • Also, what is very beneficial and incredibly efficient and pleasant, allow drag and drop for attachments.

  • +1 for this feature request, please.

  • Drag and drop at the same time as adding any item would be the best. Anytime we can reduce the amount of steps/clicks, especially when adding a significant number of items, really helps in the user experience.

  • We integrate Salesforce Cases with VersionOne assets and this would be very helpful with that integration to be able to pass the attachments from the Case directly into the V1 asset when it is created.