As system administrators of VersionOne, we need to control who can access the instance via the API.

1) A checkbox per user enabling or disabling API access is needed. The reason this is so needed is because of course the API accesses the live database (not the Analytics DB). Therefore, a bad API query can certainly cause problems, including the ability to slow down the system significantly for ALL USERS.

2) We need a report (or some way to monitor) when API access has been used, and by who. If we have a problem with the system, it would be great to know who to talk to and ask them to stop. (Or disable their account temporarily so the system can come back up.)

3) Being able to intentionally kill an API process is also important to maintaining the stability of the system. What else are we to do if a long running API query "takes down the system"?

This is a critical need for our larger on-site implementation.