It would be nice to be able to create a calculated field for backlog items, as there could be many applications for this ability.

My primary driver for this request is I have created two custom fields for backlog items: Business Value (BV) and Return on Investment (ROI). The value for ROI is BV/Estimate Points. Right now I need to manually calculate end enter ROI based on the entered BV and estimate points.

We prioritize our work primarily around ROI, so this is an important value for us. If we re-assess our BV or Estimate Points I need to remember to recalculate the associated ROI, which is error prone.

If this feature does come up for development, consideration would would be made for the fact that we always have our BV established before we have our Estimate Points established; so the logic would need to account for no value or a zero value in Estimate Points


  • I would like to have this feature for epics as well.

  • Would support this in Stories, although that is fairly granular.

    VersionOne have already provided this on Epics. It's called WSJF (weighted shortest job first).

    This is an auto-calculated field based on:

    ( Business Value + Operational Value + Time Criticality ) / Estimate


    1) It still works if you only provide Business Value and Estimate.

    2) The out-of-the-box names for the fields in VersionOne are:
    * Business Value (0-100)
    * Risk Reduction (0-100) ... we call this Operational Value
    * Time Criticality (0-100)
    * Swag ... we call this Estimate ... not sure why the w, a, and g are in lower case, as this is an acronym for Scientific Wild Arsed Guess (SWAG).

  • I would like this functionality at a project level.

  • [Reposting because this thread has more votes] Agreed. We have an additional use case for having custom calculated fields through the Admin functions: Our scrum masters benefit from having a single field to hold multiple attributes of the Story and parent feature. Currently we employ governance on the story title (requiring it to contain the feature ID, story #/#, Title, Team, and Split from story # if applicable) I we can get these fields exported through the customize option, but exports from the UI don't produce filterable data. And not everyone is comfortable in Analytics. However, our approach is prone to human error and requires maintenance. Having a single (concatenated) field would alleviate this issue and give our team a more reliable field to search/filter/organize by.