Have a type of grouping or ability to have Idea #5 with 4 votes reference Idea #22 which has 25 votes and add a subcategory inside the detail view for #22 stating #5 is related, similar, or overlapping. This way you can lock #5 and cause some sort of implicit redirection to #22 now? This could be a type of administration option [or add the ability perhaps for users to request they be linked and referenced together and merge the unique votes]. I'm not sure about the exact write up here - decentralized voting where a percentage of votes acknowledging them as similar is required before they are linked (this way it takes some of the stress off a smaller group of people to maintain, and lets the people do that). The exact route to do this idea is up in the air, have fun with it.


  • agreed... people are entering similar ideas and it would help to consolidate them.

  • this is a must have - otherwise ideas will be hard to manage. We currently use Ideascope (similar product to manage ideas) and this is one of the biggest shortcomings once you start having a large set of ideas to manage

  • Any functionality to consolidate duplicate ideas would be a huge time saver for us.

  • We are planning on rolling this out company wide to capture product/feature enhancement requests and will need a method to group or reference the root idea. In our current system we can flag ideas as "duplicates"

  • Our organization has our own custom built idea portal. Only way we would switch to using the VersionOne portal at this point is if it had a way to merge ideas together. Duplicate ideas are a big problem.