It would be helpful to have the ability to refine specific things that each project role is allowed to do. This is more important in an enterprise where large programs need to limit access to maintain data integrity. Examples would be to have a role that allows team room manipulation (currently Project Lead and above can do this) but do not allow the same to create/modify projects since they can effect many other teams working within the same backlog and making roll-up reporting questionable. Thinking about SAFe as an example, we want only a few people to be able to create a PI and the sprints within it, same at a program level. Another general example is limiting Backlog Groups, Backlog Goals and Strategic Themes to keep from having too many ambiguous choices that could confuse high level reporting.


  • As a product owner I want a security setting that will give my team the ability to edit stories and defects but not the ability to delete them or move them to any closed status.

    Currently we handle this as a training issue but from time to time a team member might do something they shouldn’t and a story disappears from view.

  • The flexibility should include tailoring existing Roles, and/or adding new types of Roles. For example, the Team Member Role allows too much to be changed (Tasks, Stories, Features, Epics) etc. We should be able to prevent specific roles to have add/update cabaility to only certain Workitems.