Currently you can create a custom list and provide a description for each list item. It would be nice if users could view that list when making selections within the UI. This could be done as a tool tip if necessary, but it would help reinforce the selection in some cases.


  • It would be nice if they could view the description at the same time they are typing in the first three characters of the value....

  • In addition, I would like to be able to display the description related to the List field items in a Custom Report.

  • Fully support this Idea.
    For Portfolio Item Status you can add the Description (including Hyperlinks) and then when you hover over the Kanban Status column headings in the Portfolio Kanban this Description appears in a pop-up window (that you can scroll in and click on the hyperlinks. Unfortunately this is the only area I've seen where the description added in the Admin area is visible and useful to users.
    Enabling the Description in dropdown lists would improve user understanding of their selection especially for custom fields like NFRs, ...