Column width in grids is not resized in order to fit with the lengths of texts in the columns. In my setup "Admin-Members-Project Assignment" the Project Membership column is truncated even though there is ample space to the right of this column. At the same time the text in the Name column is not even taking up half the column width.

Improved automatic resizing or the possibility of specifying a percentage of the grid used for each column would be great.


  • Especially on the Task board, the lack of resize is really painfull. Because at the begining of the sprint, we would like to resize correctly the none or plan column and towards the end of the sprint, we would like to resize correctly the done column, in order to reduce the height of the page.

  • Just felt your pain too. The capability to print the grid view for ad-hoc reporting or file sharing is excellent but the column width are not resizable which distorts the view. In the Epic(tree)grid with sub-epics and stories to view, the ID column has character limit so part of the ID wraps. IF user has capability to adjust column width, this will be awesome! thanks.

  • I'm generating simple reports using the "Task Quicklist" report in V1. I have some text fields (that I want to display) that sometimes contain too much data in a single line, and a horizontal scrollbar is appearing in the report.
    There should be a way to resize the column width of particular columns in the report. A truncation of the data, or line wrapping would help.

  • It would be nice to be able to drag the column widths at will.

  • Yes, this would be great - especially for heavy users of Text Areas which get messy when displayed as columns in grids.

  • Currently, grids are unusable in some cases without this feature.

  • In certain situations, depending on the number of columns you have displayed, longer text columns resize at different rates. For example in the backlog grid, it appears that if you have the Portfolio Item column enabled, the system seems to favor keeping the title of the backlog item as wide as it can at the expense of the Portfolio Item column becoming disproportionately narrow making certain rows get very tall. It is suggested to truncate the text in those situations and allow the mouse-over to do its work on display the full titles as it does now and/or give a preference to max row height allowed before truncating the text rather than wrapping around.

  • I would be satisfied with just being able to resize columns, maybe to a certain minimum width? Some of the columns (like the Owner column on Porftolio Items) can get really large otherwise and make use with meetings particularly hard.

  • Our users are complaining about this a lot. I'm not sure that the number of votes this is getting is indicative of how much developer time it could save...