We’re currently looking to provide our executives a way to see in VersionOne what initiatives, epics, etc. are in flight and for which of our products. (More like an enterprise view vs. a team-level view.) We are using strategic themes already for what they’re intended for, which is major strategic objectives. At the story level, backlog groups work, but at the portfolio item level, I’m not sure they're going to work.

We’re in essence looking for an attribute at the portfolio item level…
- Whose values can be maintained by users (vs. hard-coded), similar to backlog group values
- Is not free text or a simple drop down
- Cascades through the project hierarchy
- Can be used for filtering and reporting.

In its most simple form, this would be like backlog group, but at the portfolio item level. We would use it to relate portfolio items to our products.


  • In our case we create custom filed "Service/Product" as drop down multi field with list of products,and do mapping between Portfolio Items and Service/Products.

  • Bu we also need Portfolio Item Group

  • I would also like to see Portfolio Item Group.
    For us, this would represent an Outcome ( or perhaps a Release). We would therefore have an Epic, broken down into a Features, but delivered/deployed as a series of Outcomes/Releases (Portfolio Item Groups).
    This then leads on to both the "Strategic Theme" and the "Portfolio Item Group/Outcome/Release" having fields for OKRs (just like objectives)
    Portfolio Item Groups should be viewable in the roadmap.