Who would want this:
Teams that assign owners to backlog items and want to check if team members are evenly loaded.

Why is it valuable:
Show the team that the member load is reasonable. Otherwise we will be adding up story points manually.

How would it be used:
After initial sprint planning we would check that each team member has an appropriate number of story points allocated before moving onto detailed task estimation.

How this differs from current functionality:
At present V1 can show the allocated detailed task estimate roll-up per member, but it can not add up the number of story points from allocated backlog items.


  • I 100% concur. In fact, it is hard for me to understand why doing roll-ups of ANY numerical value isn't assumed to be important. That is the WHOLE point of computers - to eliminate manual calculations. Right?!!!

  • This would be incredibly helpful. The task/hour fields roll up already...not sure why points doesn't.