To see all tasks and stories you are assigned to is only possible as long as a story is added to a certain sprint. Therefore it is not possible to use the my Work section in Kanban Boards.

Since there is the option now to switch Boards to Kanban it should also be possible to have an overview over all tasks/stories across different Boards though they are not added to a Sprint.


  • This enhancement would be very helpful when team members work on both sprints and Kanban board. They would like to see all the work they are assigned to do.

  • We have teams members that are working in both Sprints and Kanban board. It would be very helpful for them to see all of the work assignments they have regardless of how the work is being managed.

  • We also have team members with work only on multiple Kanban boards, so My Work displays nothing for these members. Now that Kanban is an option in a Team Room, would be nice to have My Work show work regardless of if it is in an active sprint or not.

  • I agree with the above statements. I have teams that are kanban only and this feature is useless to them. I would also be helpful to use when trying to resource manage.

  • I do too, we have several teams that are Kanban only and this would be very helpful to managers to be able to see their work that is spread out over multiple boards.

  • Allowing this functionality will facilitate adoption of the tool. I have team members who dont want to move between Portfolio tree and the backlog. This would be SOO helpful.

  • I have had several requests on where a user can see all of their work in one place as they are on multiple teams. The problem is not all teams are Scrum and the member would like to see all work regardless of team flow.

  • It's not "My Work" if it doesn't contain all of the member's work... Just sayin'

  • Vote! Vote! Kanban teams really need this feature!

  • This is needed still. We have people that are members of more than one Kanban-based Team that need to see their work across multiple boards in one place. This can happen when you have people that are on Kanban-based teams for regular work delivery but might also participate on other teams like Communities of Practice/Guilds.

  • This would be so helpful! Please prioritize this for a near future release.

  • definitely needed!

  • I can't believe this isn't a capability, to be honest. Jira and Rally both handle this use case just fine.

  • Is this planned for a near future release?

    It appears that VersionOne may not be as mature a tool as needed for the Kanban space.