Whenever you get the opportunity, could you do a quick scrub of the email formatting for conversations?

Often, we will add extra lines to separate thoughts in our Conversations. However, when these are sent via email, all of these separate thoughts are jumbled together, as it appears line feeds and extra spaces are eaten prior to being sent.

The Font used in Version One (Proxima Nova) is very clear and easy to read. The Font used in the emails (Times New Roman) is terrible with the spacing provided. If there's more than a sentence, I have to open it up in VersionOne in order to really make sense of it. So many serifs!!


  • please update the formatting of conversations sent by e-mail so that it respects hard returns (line feeds) and extra spaces.

    Also, it would be nice to have a consistent font (the initial comment is Times New Roman, and following comments are Lucida Sans Unicode or something similar).

  • We find that users are clicking Reply in their email application as opposed to clicking the Reply link in the Conversation message. It would be great if the formatting of the link could be improved so that it looks more like a button (perhaps use CSS styling for rounded button look). Please also consider changing the styling of the email to better highlight the process for responding to the conversation.