Currently the burndown in the team room is based off of hours. Our teams are trying to move aways from hours and use relative estimates instead. With this, the need for a story point burndown is very essential. Having this option would be great.


  • I would like to utilize the burndown chart in VersionOne but my team doesn't assign hours to the tasks. It would be helpful if we could use a burndown chart that runs off of the story points.

  • We really need this ability to configure teamroom burndowns by points rather than detail estimate. Even the co-founder of scrum is teaching this in thier classes' stop estimating hours, stop tracking to do hours, burn down the story points. There is a way to do this in My Home/My Dashboard by selecting a project burndown, filter it by a team, filter it by a sprint, set to sum of estimate. I want this ability in the team room.

  • Could this be taken on priority as my team doesn't use hours for tasks as well

  • This would be fantastic and similar to comparable tools like JIRA. Is this being planned?

  • Oh yes, PLEASE make this happen. It's tough to coach teams through an Agile transformation and then have to tell them their Agile workflow tool of choice, V1 uses hours for most baked in reports and the dashboards. You can't really be an Agile tool and have an emphasis on hours; it creates cognitive dissonance and a lot of confusion.

  • Hey Emily H. - any updates from VersionOne?

  • Any updates?

  • This is *critical for our scrum teams, the charts are located in such usable locations but made unusable due to only using hours.