The number of customer email addresses that can be added in Private Forums is restricted to 4000 characters or less. Can this be expanded?

Have tried working domains as suggested for customers with multiple individual email contacts - I have over 5000 unique customers and this character limit restriction is limiting my collaboration with customers.


  • If you have a number of customers, the current limitation of only 4000 characters quickly renders Ideas unworkable. We, too, restrict ourselves to domains, but have run out of room in this dialog box. V1's suggestion to make the forum public opens potentially sensitive information to the world. We don't want to share product suggestions or voting rights with our competitors. Even if V1 provides a way to ban certain domains we could not be sure we are excluding competitors. Unfortunately, expanding the number of available characters for the dialog box only delays the problem. An alternative approach is needed -- perhaps use of a table rather than a dialog box to contain domain names would work.