As a Version One user, I would like to associate my twitter account with my Version One user profile and be able to define subscriptions that will tweet a message I define for a given event (i.e. "Defect has been assigned to me").

I would also like to have the option to define a subscription that will send a direct message via twitter to one of my "friends" upon certain events. This will allow my to integrate with other systems that also integrate with Twitter (i.e. Remember The Milk).


  • I don't know many companies that would want this in the public domain. Maybe Yammer integration should come first (Twitter for Enterprise/business use). Or cubetree?

  • True, I don't see tweeting events to the public as desirable as direct messaging.

    The road that lead me to this suggestion is that I use Remember The Milk (RTM) for managing my tasks (Getting Things Done), and I would like to submit tasks to my RTM inbox automatically from Version One. Noting that RTM has a way of doing this through Twitter, lead me to wonder how many other applications might use Twitter the same way, and that perhaps an interface to Twitter would not only solve my issue, but perhaps someone else's.