It would be really nice to have hyperlinks inside custom reports in order to jump easily to the related asset/item. This would boost the power of custom reports.

. Ideally and as an option, references to assets inside reports would be clickable, providing direct access to the asset.

. It could be useful also to support hyperlinks in calculated columns: This would allow to provide calculated links to resources inside or outside of Version one

. Transform automatically a URL into an hyperlink. Today, Chrome lets follow a text field that looks like a URL (with right click), but not all web browsers do that.


  • I second and third this request. This would make system cleanup and maintenance a lot easier.

  • We really need this. The more that our user base uses Analytics (especially custom reports), the more they need this. They expect it to be there and consider it "broken" if it's not. See competing tools in their custom reports. Draws you back into the "core" application. Feels disconnected without.

  • This would be an extremely useful feature to have when building reports

  • This would really help us out too. Please consider adding this feature.

  • Has a solution be provided for this? If not, please advise if there are plans to add this capability. All you need to do (I think) is make the asset oidToken available, and one can then construct the link using calculated fields.