Add a generic push URL, so that CommitStream can be used with any VCS that can make HTTP calls when code is checked it.


  • We would definitely use such a generic push URL for our Subversion repositories. In the end of the day all version control systems share similar attributes for each code change. Each code change is characterized by
    -message provided by the author to describe the code change
    -unique ID to identify the code change (at least) in the repository. This is revision number for SVN, SHA1 for Git
    -modified/added/deleted files (the actual code change). It's nice to see part of the list of modified files, but this is not must have. And it should be truncated to no more than 5-10 lines. VersionOne is not repository browser, but seeing what was modified in the context of a story can save time
    -(optional) branch (if VCS has such notion)
    -(optional) hyperlink to repository browser for the specified code change.

    All SVN servers allow administrators to add post-commit hooks and these post-commit hooks can be used to push to the generic push URL you will provide.

    Please add this as soon as possible.

  • We have internal VCS-like processes which we currently create ChangeSets for today, that would never be supported by VersionOne unless a generic integration were available. It's difficult to explain to users how half of what they work with is supported and integrates, but other things they think are the same does not. Please produce a generic integration or publish the API so customers can develop their own.