It would be nice to have a "Team Efficiency/Productivity Report". This would help teams become better Agile teams.

This dashboard would show things like: Team velocity, amount of story & defect carryover, delivered features vs. defect resolution (i.e. this sprint had 72% features and 28% defects), planned work vs. discovered work (anything added to the sprint after it was "activated" would be discovered work).

It would be good to be able to trend this data across multiple sprints so the team can baseline themselves and determine if the things they are trying are improving or not.

A report like this would help teams in their retrospectives. The team could see very quickly if they have a code quality problem (large % of stories vs. % of defects each sprint), not enough pre-planning efforts (i.e. added/discovered work), lots of sev. level 1's & 2's disrupting the team, constantly over allocating the team (i.e. lots of sprint carryover), etc.


  • Is this fundamentally the same idea as this (also submitted by you):

  • Fundamentally, yes. However, I wanted to change a few things about it and there is no "Edit" option so I created a new one expressing my idea a bit differently to see if I could get some momentum around it. If you want to delete the other one then that's fine with me but please keep this one.

  • I love this suggestion. This would help with trending and correcting how our teams plan the iterations. I would also love to have these reports exportable to a XLS format.

  • I find that one of the business challenges teams have is understanding what they really work on and being able to have quick visibility so priority can be determined. This approach to a report set would let a team have that conversation.

  • This feature would be very helpful. Nowadays I have to create such report manually and it takes time.

  • Great idea. This would help my organization immensely.