When showing the Task Board view, Test Sets do not display, whereas on Story Board and Test Board view, the are visible.

There are times, manual regression being one, when we have TS's, Stories and Defects on the board all at one time and we rely heavily on the Task Board view to monitor workflow and progress both individually and as a team. We would like for Test Sets to display on the Task Board for a full picture of everything that is included in the iteration without having to change views.


  • My team has been struggling with this issue a some time. This would make using test sets much more visible for how we use versionone

  • This just makes sense to me.

  • As a scrum master of a team that does tasking and uses test sets I want a single board I can use for standup that shows both so that the team does not need to switch between the Taskboard and Testboard

    We want to talk about test set progress as part of the standup but currently this means we need toggle between the Taskboard and TestBoard. For some reason the Task board doesn’t even show that the Test Set exist. We would like a single view that shows the task and test.

    A possible solution would be to show the TestSets in the Taskboard and make use of the Summary Column.