Looking to have an ability to require fields based off another field. For example if I have a type field and selection A is selected. I want to require Field X and Field Y to become required. We are trying to drive various processes (i.e. change control, break/fixes, new functionality) through the same V1 project and would like to enforce specific fields based on the type of story.


  • We have process in place to have required fields based on an item's status. If Release Notes Required is set to Yes, the actual Release Notes aren't required until the item is set to Complete. This is just one example of the conditional logic we'd like to see.

  • +1 vote from me.

    In transitioning from TFS to VersionOne, this is something that we are working out how to handle.

  • Greetings, I'm not looking to make a field mandatory depending on another field (though I like that idea), but I am looking to make some fields mandatory to be completed before the BLI/Defect is "Accepted" or "Closed". We often create BLIs/Defects to document possible changes, but don't know if the change will be approved, or when it will be funded; so having to fill in some required fields (like the build it will go into) is not feasible when the BLI/Defect is created, but needs to be mandatory before closing it out.

  • We're similar with the release notes, but less logic is required for us.

    Specifically we have a custom field called Rel Notes, which indicates whether or not a backlog item or defect needs to be covered in our release notes (and if so what release it applies to). If this field is completed we want a new custom field (Rel Notes Details) to become required/mandatory.