Currently, sorting custom lists can only be done by using the "up one" or "to the top" options. we have a couple large custom lists (for business owners and systems) that are painful to manage and keep sorted in a logical fashion. Allowing drag and drop would greatly simplify maintenance of these lists.


  • This is a valuable feature that we need. We have so many in the field that a "Able, Tim" in a custom list takes quite some time to get it near the top as if it was alphabetised. An option to alphbetise the custom list would be a usable feature too.

  • This feature is long overdue since the way that we use the tool today requires many long wasted hours to update the system. Periodic internal accounting changes occur frequently that must be entered into V1 in order to properly track and account for level of effort.

  • It is very time consuming to have to export to excel to apply the sorting we need to be able to work efficiently with the list of backlog items.

  • Absence of better reordering tools is very time consuming. Drag and drop of individual items or groups of items would be best. Even allowing the Title sort order to optionally result in a reordering by Title would help.

  • This would be very helpful to System Admins and the like, especially for long custom lists.

  • this would be very seems simple, if you have the ability to drag and drop within epic trees and backlogs to be bale to make the logic work elsewhere....and why make customers wait so long for something so simple? Over a year ago...10 and 6 months??? please make this happen asap.

  • This would be Awesome, would save so much time and allow us to be more productive.

  • This process would be extremely helpful, and allow for quicker, more efficient updates to large selection lists.

  • similar/duplicate ideas exist in the backlog. Version One- please review these collectively and improve the Admin side. Collectively, these generate a large number of votes .

  • This would really improve the management of long custom lists. Please take this feature into consideration !

  • I agree completely - we have a few lists that are long enough to make manual sorting very painful.

  • Any chance in getting this implemented any time soon??

  • I am so disappointed that we continue to make updates to this tool but leave the admin side of things stagnant and at times going backwards. PLEASE at the very least allow the ability to arrow down on the custom fields so that we can put them in order. Preferably, allow the option to sort in alpha order automatically. I also would prefer to expand my view of custom lists to longer than ONLY 10. You have drag and drop capability elsewhere in the tool why not here??? COME ON people please bug them about this! Help get this one implemented... VOTING apparently is not enough.