BitBucket customers would like CommitStream to support BitBucket in order to take advantage of its native integration capabilities.


  • And also Stash support? Atlassian in-home git server, while BitBucket is cloud from Atlassian asw well.

  • Why you no love bitbucket?

  • BitBucket support asap please!!!

  • I've been using VersionOne for 8 years. It is a great tool for our company to track our Agile/Scrum processes. We moved to BitBucket last year and would love to have integration with it.

  • Integration with bitbucket would be a huge boost in our ability to manage our processes. Please Please Please consider this.

  • Please Integrate Bitbucket with VersionOne


  • Stash is the in-house solution from Atlassian. BitBucket is from Atlassian as well. I think they should be both supported.

  • Thanks for all the feedback! We've actually begun work on the BitBucket support. We've been busy getting the system up and running, but we started on BitBucket during a recent hackweek. Actually, the code is visible here:

    We plan to complete the needed modifications within the next couple of months or so.