The dependencies report ( can be quite useful for organizations where features need to be implemented in different projects by different teams (e.g. organizations with "suite" of products that work together and have features spanning multiple products).
But the report gets unreadable if the backlogs are large and there are many dependencies.
So it will be useful to filter the report in different ways:
1. See only broken dependencies
2. See only dependencies of stories belonging to a given Epic / Theme
3. See only downstream dependencies of the selected project
4. See only upstream dependencies of the selected project
5. See only dependencies between items that are not yet assigned to iteration


  • I like this. In addition, I think having it use any filters that were active before running the dependency report (i.e., if you're in Backlog and filtered only High Priority items), that would make quite a bit of sense. (vs. having the report use it's own filter) However, in that example, if I only showed High Priority stories, I'd still want to see ALL up/down stream dependencies, no matter what THEIR Priority is. Hopefully this makes sense.

  • +1