When I want to vote a story, I should be able to search for that story number easily. If the story is already in a sprint, I have to go remove the sprint, refresh the screen, and try to find it again. There needs to be a search that allows me to pick any story I want to vote.


  • I have a similar impediment to using Estimably efficiently. Our Teams have started using Estimably for Planning Poker and really enjoy the experience. It results in an estimation session in which everyone participates equally because the story point discussion is not dominated by the loudest voices in the room.

    However, when our Product Owners find it very convenient to identify high-priority stories that need to be groomed and estimated by assigning them to the next Sprint. As Rebecca noted above, those stories do not show up in the "Backlog" tab of our Team Room and, as a result, cannot be dragged into Estimably.

    In addition to (or, perhaps, as an alternative) the search that Rebecca mentioned, we would also find it convenient to be able to drag the story from the Team Room's "List View" tab into Estimably.

  • We have the same problems on our team...

  • It would also be nice to access Estimably right from within a user-story window instead of needing to go to the team room.

  • Agreed! We need this feature as well.

    Please add it to the roadmap!!!

  • The team really enjoys using Estimably. Estimating stories is a backlog related task. We need to be able to get to Estimably from the Backlog view, multi-teams, multi-sprints, and other filtering to choose from. Also, I don't know why the link to it has to change. Just let us create one for our teams or projects and reuse it so everyone can get to it and bring it up quicker on the fly.