It would be helpful to designate an optional default story & defect template, by project. By doing so, any new story or defect would be generated from that template. This would solve the issue where you can generate a story/defect from a request/issue, but cannot choose a template when doing so.


  • Yes - templates are only so-so at the moment. Need them to work for "Add Story" buttons and for Import as well, otherwise you can't really insist on Template usage and don't really get the benefits.

  • Right -- I've created a template in my project, but I can't make people actually use it when creating new backlog items.

  • This would be great. Using Templates now is a very tedious task.

  • Yes please!!! Why isn't this the default behavior already?

  • We need default tasks on Defects the same as we have for stories. Please enable us to apply a template to defects. Thanks!

  • I like this idea but I'd want to keep the flexibility that I have now. I don't want to be forced to use the template. I'd like the option to know which template is the one designated for this project/planning level. The tricky part here would be that stories are not bound to projects. They can migrate and be moved to some other project. Good idea if done properly. Maybe just another option for:
    * add story
    * add story (project template)
    * add story (from another template)