The Product Owner drop down is not available on Defects, we would like to have the ability to set the Product Owner on defects. This would enable our POs that share a backlog to filter to defects as well as stories that belong on thier team's portion of the backlog.


  • This is just another of the many little differences between regular PBL items and defects. I wish they'd all be fixed.

  • Is there any chance to have some workaround for this? Of course beside of using only items...

  • Yes, this would be a really nice.

  • Agree!

  • Hello - it makes no sense not to add product owner to defects.

    Please fix

  • The Product Owner for Defects is for a team that is structured to handle just defects. The Product Owner who is a customer advocate and one who prioritizes and organizes the backlog. Defects have requirements and need some determination in how they are corrected.

  • My VersionOne admin was able to add a Product Owner field to the Defects form, but had to add it as a new when we have the backlog up, I see two separate Product Owner fields (two columns), one for BLIs and one for Defects. It would be great to have only one column...

  • Nice Idea .

  • Dan A. - I'm not sure, based on your comment, if you are for or against the request for the PO field being available on Defects. But I do know that this need is NOT solely for a team which handles only defects. All of our teams handle both type of stories; and they would certainly benefit from having the PO field on Defects.

  • I agree, I would like the ability to assign a Product Owner to Defect records. At present, we can only assign an “Owner” and that often leads to confusion over who should test a defect.

  • The ability to assign a Product Owner to Defect Records in V1 is vital, especially in a matrix management organization/situation where the defect owner may be working across multiple disciplines.

  • This comment is mainly to make sure this does not die off since the request is so old. Still waiting for this to be implemented. We have been asking repeatedly since 2008 for this feature and our account reps over the years has never been able to explain why this simple thing has not been addressed.

  • Any progress on this request?