The conversations would greatly benefit from some of the rich text formatting abilities that were provided in other parts of VersionOne.

In particular, simple boldfacing and italics would go far towards helping communicate what the key issues are, apart from the ancillary issues that must be mentioned in order to give the comments proper context.

Our team is *tired* of having to _do_dumb_ascii_formatting_tricks_ to /emphasize/ something, or worse yet, MAKING POSTS THAT FEEL LIKE YOU'RE YELLING! :-)



  • Roger that

  • I think it would be great to have markdown support (see

  • +1

  • It would also be helpful to provide for a means to change the font size. Right now I need to use the various heading formats but that really isn't the best way for increasing fonts.

  • +1

  • Yeeeesssss!!!!!!!!!! Please screen shots even. Or allowing to respond to the conversation via mail app.