When you get an email notification of a sequence of replies to a conversation, the replies in the email are not listed in chronological order. This makes it very difficult to follow the thread of the replies.


  • Ken, are you requesting the conversation be displayed with the most recent entries at the top?

  • Not necessarily; I just want them in order. I received an e-mail notification in which I was mentioned in a Reply. The e-mail shows the Conversation and three Replies. The Replies are NOT in chronological order. If I view the Conversation and Replies in VersionOne rather than e-mail or web browser, they are in chronological order. It's the e-mail notification that is messed up.

  • I receive several notifications every day and many have been several comments in length. I have never seen the email notifications out of order before. Have you contacted Support regarding this? It doesn't seem like this would be intended functionality at all.