I like the status bar on Epic trees that shows closed vs open but I have to then go compute the percent complete on each Epic for management each sprint. This means I can't just point them to V1 and say it's all there for you to see. I would like to have them do that and have it be quick and easy like it is for overall project progress, but I need to show progress on the Epics in the same manner.


  • This is a great suggestion, I would also suggest adding the Open and Closed Estimates used to calculate the percent complete as Epic Tree columns.

  • I need this in the form of a report. Epics of type = Feature where todays date is between the beg/end range of the epic. There is a management meeting including people that will never look in VersionOne that I currently need to create a manual report for including manually calculating the percent complete since I cannot find it anywhere in VersionOne.