In Conversations, it would be great to have a way to not only tag someone, but to be able to always know throughout any conversation who you are waiting on to reply.

I can start ten conversations on different stories with different people, but there’s nowhere I can go to see which Conversations people have tagged me in which I have not replied to yet, because there is nowhere in VersionOne for it to be indicated that such conversations are awaiting my reply.

I can see conversations I’m tagged in, but I can’t see which require my attention. When you’ve a lot of conversations going, you’ll miss those that require your attention. And people can’t rely on email.

At all times you must know “Who’s being waited on here in terms of a response”.

Simple solution? As well as being able to tag someone, you can also tag someone for response. If you’re tagged for response, this conversation appears in a view for you, somewhere, where you can see all conversations on which you’re “tagged for response”.

The person responding, when they do respond, if they were “tagged for response”, they are now automatically untagged, and the person who created that tag is now automatically “tagged for response”.

So Barbara creates a conversation and tags Alan "for response”. Alan logs into VersionOne and goes to his list of Conversations which require his attention, and sees this, as well as any others in which he is tagged for response. Alan simply types a reply and submits, and VersionOne removes the “for response” element of his tag, leaving it a regular tag, and now automatically tags Barbara “for response”, because she created the initial “for response” tag.

Perhaps if you're tagged for response over 24 hours (or configurable X hours), when you login to VersionOne you get a message such as "David and Peter are waiting for you to respond to Conversations - click here to respond"

This will ensure Conversations will not be missed or forgotten about. As it stands, it’s handy but doesn’t enforce workflow, and this suggestion (in my view) does.