It would be great to have the complete Epic details or path(Capability and Feature) for Story and Defect Quicklist reports.

Currently the story and defect quicklist reports have Epic, however it displays the lowest level/Feature Epic, it would also be great to also display the Capability Epic.

Having the Capability Epic will help some teams quickly identify which project the story/defects belongs to and not have to drill down.



  • Yes, please! We need to be able to search by Capability on the Story and Defect Quicklist reports.

  • This is absolutely critical - the entire hierarchy from parent portfolio item, all the generations to the lowest level story are REQUIRED for almost every metric, yet very tedious if not impossible to obtain from the tool. Huge oversight.

  • Agree. Great idea. This would be extremely helpful.

  • Need this ! As a Scrum Master, i need this feature