Allow teams to create custom status values for their epic/story boards. Currently, someone with administrator rights has to set up the custom lookup values for them, which isn't a sustainable solution for companies with a large number of teams.

The custom status values should be able to map to the values in the existing status field.


  • After adding program increments as children to an agile release train, each team cannot have their own workspace. This makes it impossible for teams to have their own status/kanban columns - even if you made it possible for the teams to set them themselves, instead of via system configuration. This really limits the flexibility of teams working in the SAFe framework, at least as program increments are handled as children in planning levels.

  • I'd say that teams being able to shape their own kanban is at the core of agile understanding of self-organizing teams just as much as the ability to compare aples with aples in reports used by ART leadership teams. There should be a way where both requirements can be met.

  • Allow teams to customize their team room storyboard columns, so that they can create multiple columns within a single status. This ensures that cross-team reporting and synchronization still works, while supporting the kanban principle of making hidden queues visible so that they can be resolved. Of course, once work is flowing properly again, the additional columns can be taken away.

  • Seems like this could be accomplished by focusing on both the actual statuses and the Rollup Reporting categories. HOWEVER, I absolutely LOVE the idea of having a team be able to split existing statuses into "sub-statuses" something like a workflow item for design, might be further split to things TO design, and things where design is complete and the item is ready to be pulled into the next status.